About me

I am an attorney with over 30 years of experience in representing clients in court, in real estate transactions, in representing the elderly in old-age related issues, in conducting arbitrations and mediations, and providing notary services.

I am the owner and manager of a private law office in Tel-Aviv.

I have a wide experience in representing large bodies such as the Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd., Shamir Salads, Synel and Electra, in transactions and before the Courts.

I hold a first degree in Law, and a second degree in Commercial Law, from Tel-Aviv University.

My specialties

  • Representation in court – in contractual suits for the enforcement of agreements or their cancellation consequent upon a breach, for exercising and enforcing rights in real estate, for exercising rights according to insurance contracts, in shareholders' or partners' disputes, in inheritance claims, in complex real estate brokerage transactions and in pecuniary suits in such cases.
  • Representation in real estate transactions – representation in all types of real estate transactions, including sale, purchase, rent, TAMA38 (strengthening and upgrading old apartment buildings), and Urban Renewal (evacuation-construction).
  • Representation of the elderly in old-age related issues – representing and accompanying opposite the authorities and institutions of the elderly, exercising of rights, guardianship, Wills, family property and business arrangements, and continuous powers of attorney.
  • Arbitrations and mediations – I have a wide experience as an arbitrator and mediator in dispute settlement and crisis management in all the fields of expertise above mentioned.
  • Notary – drafting all types of confirmations and approvals in Hebrew and English.


  • Consequent upon my varied practice and wide professional experience, I have extensive knowledge, possibilities and unique tools, enabling me to face challenging and complex situations, which naturally rise in legal and judicial circumstances, in a challenging and complicated case or transaction, dealing with different integrated fields of the law.
  • My clients receive a close personal attention and a strategy aimed at minimizing the crises and maximizing the client's comfort and gains.
  • My proficiency and experience in various fields of the law, as well as my appearances before the courts and the representation of clients in real estate transactions and in commercial transactions enable me to have a wider and deeper view of varied types of solutions that are right for the specific client's requirements.


  • A member of the Dispute Resolution, Land, and Litigation and Courts Committees of the Israel Bar association.
  • 2018- An arbitrator and mediator at the Israeli Institute of Commercial Arbitration.
  • 2015-2018 – A member of the committee consulting the Registrar of Realtors, as the Israel Bar Association's representative.
  • 1989-1992 – 3 years as a hired attorney at the Joseph Zaltzman & Co. Law Offices.


  • A member of the Auditing Committee of the Ramat-Gan Municipal Company, as from 2019, regarding senior citizens' homes and protected tenancy in Ramat-Gan.
  • An attorney of Lahav Association between 2015 and 2018. Lahav Association assists youth of disadvantaged populations, by producing cinematic projects of educational value for the community and the youth, who actively participate as actual actors.

Contact me:

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✆ +972-54-5361631 / +972-3-5610292